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We buy old WWII binoculars from Government Surplus, Battleships, fortresses and from veterans families and restore these wonderful engineering marvels. It is not cost effective to make binoculars like these today. Many months or even years of patient work goes into this process. Broken lenses and prisms can rarely be replaced so the restoration process is carried out with great care and patience. When restored they have no military value, but they make unique wonderful functional decorative pieces. They are great conversation pieces that fill a room with atmosphere. Visitors will never have seen anything like these. Look for yourself. A pair of binoculars from a WWII Battleship with its amazing viewing capabilities is the ultimate thing to own. We exhibit at selected shows and if you get to see these binoculars you will agree they are truly unique.




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Address: Saugerties, New York

Phone: 13059226727

Email: info@pmcbinoculars.com

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